About Onboarding

We provide the basic knowledge of blockchain and Ethereum for the students onboarding UETH. We first use interesting and easy-to-understand stories to introduce the basics of blockchain technology to the students, and conduct a quiz and check if the students understand the technology by using our comprehension validation system which is combined with the Feynman Technique. We also conduct a profile KYC for the students during the process, which would be important for creating Student ID for each student. After completing the onboarding process, students are informed that their progress is tracked and they gain accolades for completing courses and milestones. We will use our comprehension validation system to check their answers, and if they understand the concepts, they will go to the next step for further learning; if not, they are encouraged to learn the specific knowledge again. The student onboarding process is to build the orientation of the students, prepare and equip them for further learning of the advanced courses, familiarize students with the main architecture and functions of the website, and lay the foundation for UETH to achieve its goals.